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Tourist Attractions: Ben Lomond California

Ano Nuevo Island State Park









Ano Nuevo Island State Park approx 14 miles from Ben Lomond.

BJ's Restaurant and Brewery









BJ’s Restaurant and Brewery approx 16 miles from Ben Lomond.

Babe the Muffler Man







Babe the Muffler Man approx 18 miles from Ben Lomond.


More Ben Lomond Real Estate Places

Bargetto Winery








Bargetto Winery approx 11 miles from Ben Lomond.

Berry Creek Falls










Berry Creek Falls approx 11 miles from Ben Lomond.

Big Basin Redwoods State Park











Big Basin Redwoods State Park approx 10 miles from Ben Lomond.


How to Find Luxury Mobile Homes in Las Vegas?

When was the last time you considered searching for luxury mobile homes when looking for a home in Las Vegas? The words “luxury mobile home” may sound like a oxymoron—two words that seem contradictory—like “jumbo shrimp”.

 The good news is luxury mobile homes do exist in Las Vegas. For as little as $39,900 you can own a luxury mobile home in the resort-style community, Las Vegas Place, a 340-lot resort-like community developed and operated by Thesman Communities.

Las Vegas Place is one of the finer examples of a 4-star mobile home park rated by the proprietary manufactured home community rating algorithm developed by, a rapidly growing online marketplace for consumers searching to buy, sell or rent mobile and manufactured homes.

Here is how to search for a luxury mobile home: Step one, type in Las Vegas, NV into the “parks & communities” search box. Step two, sort your search results by clicking on the “rating score” sorting tool—then check the “4-Star” box. That will automatically filter your results allowing you to view only 4-star parks, which are the only parks you will find a luxury mobile home. The rest is easy—and what sweet deals you will find.


The Wyoming Market – An Investors Paradise

Unfazed And Yet Not Able To Shoot Up

While the economy of the state has witnessed a major slump in recent years, the property market has remained pretty much unscathed. Even though the unemployment levels of the state have reduced, they are still much higher than the national average. This is one of the major reasons that the real estate industry of the state has not been able to grow at the pace that it should. Even though the real estate prices have witnessed crazy fluctuations over the past few years, they are expected to stabilize in the coming year. The more expensive Wyoming homes are found in Gillete. Evanston, Gillette, Rock Springs, Casper and Green River are considered to be the best cities for families. On the other hand, singles prefer the cities of Jackson, Riverton and Laramie.

Real Estate Is Very Much In Demand In Wyoming

The Wyoming Real Estate is majorly divided in between urban housing areas and un-spoilt wilderness. This adds to the area’s charm and makes property and real estate of the state in demand. Unlike most of the country, the property prices in Wyoming have constantly been on the rise. The prices for single family homes have been increasing tremendously and their effects can be felt every month. On the other hand, condo prices have dropped below $175000. The average list price of a property in Wyoming is $135000 and the state offers numerous types of property to suit every wish. Furthermore, there are various lots which are larger than 100 acres as well. This has led to a major surge in interest amongst investors and commercial businesses. One of the most popular sales in the recent past was that of the entire town of Buford. The entire town was sold for $900000 and attracted investors from all over the globe.



Median Prices Stagnant Despite Growth In Home Sales In Wisconsin

The Present Real Estate Scenario In Wisconsin

The effect of the recession was drastic in Wisconsin. The average price of homes fell by 7.7% in 2009. A major key factor for the drastic fall was the sheer number of jobs lost and the economic uncertainty. There was a great reduction in demand for real estate after the recession. This led to an overall reduction in prices of properties on the market. For example, the price of a single family home fell from $135000 to about $127000. However, with the economy back on track, Wisconsin Real Estate continues to rebound. Home Sales have risen by 19.5% and the median sale price is also up by 2.4%. Another great news is that for 10 consecutive months, the state has witnessed double digit sales growth. While the average price was pretty much the same as last year there has been a sharp increase in the number of homes sold. However, not all parts of the state have seen stagnation in median prices. There has been an increase in the median prices in the north, northeast and south central parts of Wisconsin.

First Time Buyers Dominate Wisconsin Markets

On the other hand, as compared to the slow recovery of the national economy. Wisconsin sales have pretty much grown at a good rate. However, the inventories of properties in the market remain extremely high. As a result, the median price has been pretty much stuck despite a significant increase since last year in sales. A shocking statistic is that there were inventories of as many as 18 months in 2011. While this has now reduced to about 13month inventories, it is still a huge amount. The sales growth has also been due to the low interest rates and the dirt cheap real estate prices in the area. Moreover, the housing markets have been dominated by first time buyers as of late.

West Virginia

Condos Dominate West Virginia Home Sales

Single Homes Sold At About 41% Lesser Than Asking Prices In West Virginia

The home prices in West Virgina have finally balanced out after months of uncertainty. The year 2012 saw a huge increase in prices for condos from $140000 to $ 160000. On the other hand, single home prices stayed pretty much the same in the same year at about $195000. The single family houses and condos constitute of about 48% of the West Virginia Real Estate market and are therefore its pillars. While condos and town houses have been selling at an all time high, buyers can breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to single family homes. Over recent months, the sale of a single family home has been around $125000. This is about 41% lesser than the asking price. There are a few things to note about West Virginia. If the average income of a town here is $20000, the average price for a home will be about $60000. If it is closer to $40000, the community is very secure, safe and comfortable to live in. In places with average income hovering around $ 70000, the crime rates and divorce rates are very high.

Current Real Estate Trends In West Virginia

The West Virginia Real Estate is forecasted to perform at par with the rest of the country in the year 2013. There has also been a prediction of an increase in home prices in the state by about 0.17%. The largest increase in average home prices has been in Hurricane. Other cities to experience an increase are Charleston and Berkeley Springs. On the other hand, there has been a drastic fall in average home prices in Saint Albans. South Charleston and Martinsburg have also witnessed falls. The best cities in the state for families are Teays Valley, Martinsburg, Weirton, Saint Albans and Clarksburg. On the other hand, singles prefer Morgantown, Huntington, Wheeling and Fairmont.


Real Estate Markets In Washington All Set To Outperform Markets The Entire Nation

Real Estate In Washington – The Lone Shining Jewel During The Terrible Recession

Washington was pretty much the only major area which did not see a fall or stagnation in real estate prices after the great recession. In fact, the prices of Washington rose by a steady 4.1% when almost all states were recording all time lows. The average home price also rose by 8.1% at the end of 2010. Even though Washington’s median is twice the median of the entire nation, affordability in the area is very high. In fact, 79% homes were affordable to families meeting the area’s average income. Further, Washington is also one of the very few places where buying a property falls to be cheaper than renting one. A major reason for the strong performance of the Washington Real Estate is the sheer number of employment opportunities available in the area. This can be witnessed in the fact that Washington recorded one of the lowest rates of unemployment in the country at the end of 2010.

Federal Government Helps In Stability Of Real Estate Prices In Washington

Another major contributor to the real estate demand and prices is the federal government which is also the area’s biggest biggest employer. Since federal government jobs are less prone to be affected by recessions, there was hardly any fall in average income prices during 2008 – 2010. Since Washington also has political importance in the States, there are numerous legal and lobbying firms present here. Foreign companies also prefer to have their base in Washington itself. Washington is also one of the states which witnesses the highest numbers of immigrants from other states. This ensures that there is never a shortage of demand for real estate. The median home prices in Washington are expected to rise by about 3.04%. Similarly, the appreciation rates in Washington are expected to grow by 5.32%. As a result, it has been forecasted that Washington should outperform the rest of the country in real estate.


A Buyer Dominated Real Estate Market In Virginia

The Best Time To Invest In Property In Virginia

The present market trend in Virginia favors the buyers. The market time of properties has also witnessed a major reduction with the better properties being sold under 30 days only. With mortgage interest rates being low for longer periods, it is an excellent time to buy homes or invest in properties in the state. It is also predicted that home sales in the state will rise about 6 – 7 % with property prices rising by about 3 – 4 %. The average selling price of a condo in Virginia is around $235000. Single family houses are even more expensive and range at about $270000. With more than 55% share in Virginia Real Estate, these condos and single family homes are its foundations. However, during recent months, the average sale price has fallen even more to favor the buyer. While sellers still expect around $270000, most buyers end up paying in the vicinity of $250000. The condo market has also seen a fall below the asking price. A typical condo is being sold for about $210000 instead of the asking rate of $235000.

Real Estate Conditions Of Various Areas In Virginia

Leesburg has witnessed the highest increase in the listing price over the past few months. Other major increases have been in Great Falls, McLean, Warrenton and Smithfield. All these areas have seen increases in listing price of more than 7% with Leesburg crossing even the 8.5% mark. On the other hand, Gloucester, King George, Richmond, Toano and Spotsylvania have seen drastic reductions in their listing prices. The most expensive homes in Virginia are found in McLean, Arlington, Vienna and Alexandria. On the other hand, if you want a cheaper home, Richmond, Petersburg and Portsmouth are the places for you. The best  place for families in Virginia are Linton Hall, Wyndham, Broadlands and Bristow. Singles mostly prefer the Richmond, Charlottesville, Radford and Blacksburg areas.



Steady Real Estate Markets In Vermont Save The Day

Irene And Its Effects On Vermont Real Estate

A stability in the service sector has majorly benefited the Vermont economy. This sector is also the single largest contributor to Vermont’s economy. However, the economy of the state is recovering at a much slower pace than the national economy. This is plainly evident from the relatively high unemployment levels of the state. While the job market had shown initial promise after the recession, it has slowed down of late. As of date, only half of the jobs lost in the recession have been able to be replaced. As a result, the Vermont Real Estate is on the mend, but at a slow pace. A major advantage is that the state does not suffer from inflated real estate conditions which was witnessed by numerous states. The property market in Vermont has slowed down since October. This can majorly be blamed upon Hurricane Irene. Due to all the media hype the hurricane received, several potential buyers have put their plans on hold which has led to a reduced growth of property sales in the state. Further, the properties priced under $250000 are selling out fast while the high end properties are getting stuck in the market.

A Few Shining Stars Of Vermont

There have also been several cities which have witnessed tremendous levels of growth in real estate of late. Burlington has predominantly been dominated by home sales. Stowe has also witnessed a growth in sales of homes by more than 20%. The prices in the area have also witnessed a steady decline.  Killington has witnessed a growth in real estate sales. The road access to the area has greatly improved of late after the hurricane and so has the real estate activity. The median prices have also been mixed throughout the state. While, the condo price went up by 2.5% as compared to last year, the vacation home and vacation condo prices went down by more than 5.7%.



The Utah Property Markets Lead By Example

Recession – What Recession?

The setback suffered by Utah from the recession was amongst the worst. The average home price fell to more than 22% during the recession. However, the state was extremely quick to get back up on its feet. The average home prices of the state have also increased at a tremendous rate of 9.3% in the revival period. With the 11th lowest unemployment rate in the United States, Utah also sits happily in the top 10 housing markets of the country. Another advantage that the state has is that the average prices are amongst the lowest in the country at $130000. The state has forecasted a growth of 5.8% for the year 2013 which places it in the top 10 amongst all states in that metric. A major reason for this is that Utah has witnessed a rise in property sales for the 9th consecutive month. The sales have also risen by 17.5% as compared to last year.

A Strong Start To 2013

The Utah Real Estate has also witnessed a strong start to the year 2013. Realtors have sold 500 homes more than the same period in the last year. More than 3200 contracts have also been signed and pending sales are projected at 34%. On the other hand, the number of homes available for sale has dropped tremendously. The inventory has also gone down below the 20000 mark for the first time in 5 years. However, in local areas the supply is much higher. Further, due to the much improved market conditions the homes have also been sold at a much faster rate. It took just 95 days on an average to sell a house as compared to 101 days in the previous year. Salt Lake City, the capital of Utah, has also been national attention for the investment potential it holds. However, despite all its growth and up market trends, Utah is still very much affordable and in reach of most people.