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How to Find Luxury Mobile Homes in Las Vegas?

When was the last time you considered searching for luxury mobile homes when looking for a home in Las Vegas? The words “luxury mobile home” may sound like a oxymoron—two words that seem contradictory—like “jumbo shrimp”.

 The good news is luxury mobile homes do exist in Las Vegas. For as little as $39,900 you can own a luxury mobile home in the resort-style community, Las Vegas Place, a 340-lot resort-like community developed and operated by Thesman Communities.

Las Vegas Place is one of the finer examples of a 4-star mobile home park rated by the proprietary manufactured home community rating algorithm developed by, a rapidly growing online marketplace for consumers searching to buy, sell or rent mobile and manufactured homes.

Here is how to search for a luxury mobile home: Step one, type in Las Vegas, NV into the “parks & communities” search box. Step two, sort your search results by clicking on the “rating score” sorting tool—then check the “4-Star” box. That will automatically filter your results allowing you to view only 4-star parks, which are the only parks you will find a luxury mobile home. The rest is easy—and what sweet deals you will find.


Nevada Real Estate Market Changes For 2013

Changes Which Affect The Real Estate Market

As in every region, with time, there are changes that occur in policies and procedures and that in turn affect the Nevada real estate market. There are changes made in laws and the global economic scenario also has a rippling effect on such market. The beginning of a new year is a time for implementing changes. That is when the government will revise any policies and procedures and modify, remove or add new ones. Also, matters rated for taxation are brought under reviews at such a time. There are certain changes that have been introduced this year, some of which will have significant impact on the real estate market while others will not.


One Significant Change This Year

One such factor that can affect things is the ObamaCare bill. The aftermath of such a bill being implemented is that, 3.8% tax effect will be felt. About two to three percent home sellers will be affected by the bill. Whether you are single or married, if you experience again in the range of 250,000 to 500,000 dollars over the current exclusion that is provided on a primary residence and those who have an annual income of the amount $250,000, they will need to plug the gain above the exclusion in order to see whether there is any taxable amount. If it is, one will be taxed at 3.8%.  This is a tax on capital gain. The tax becomes applicable when one is calculating their income tax figures and not at the time of sale. Other changes that have been introduced are extensions of the existing tax policies. Those who are looking at short sales and foreclosures will do well to seek the advice of real estate professionals in order to know what changes are being implemented.